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Fierce Conversations® teaches attendees how to ignite productive dialogue that interrogates reality, provokes learning, resolves tough challenges and enriches relationships. It’s the place to begin, the cornerstone of great leadership, healthy cultures, intelligent strategies and whole-hearted execution.


The simplest definition of a fierce conversation is one in which we come out
from behind ourselves, into the conversation, and make it real. While many
fear real, it is the unreal conversations that ought to concern us because
they are incredibly expensive. Once you’ve tasted this illusive thing called candor, served up with intelligence, passion and skill, all possibilities will expand and, when sustained, will revolutionize your culture.


At Fierce, we believe that the conversation is the relationship. Careers and companies succeed or fail, one conversation at a time. Conversations are the work horses of an organization. The central function of any team member is to engineer productive, spirited dialogue that reveals we are capable of original thought and provides clarity and impetus for change and results. What gets talked about in an organization and how it gets talked about determines what will happen. Or won’t happen.

Program Overview

The three transformational ideas make the connection between conversations and your personal and professional success.

  • Our work, our relationships, and our lives succeed or fail one conversation at a time.®

  • The conversation is the relationship.®

  • All conversations are with myself and sometimes they involve other people.®

The seven principles explore the Principles of Fierce Conversations® and their relevance to your personal and professional success.

  1.  Master the courage to interrogate reality.®

  2. Come out from behind yourself, into the conversation, and make it real.®

  3.  Be here, prepared to be nowhere else.®

  4.  Tackle your toughest challenge today.®

  5. Obey your instincts.®

  6.  Take responsibility for your emotional wake.®

  7. Let silence do the heavy lifting.®





Transform your team into a high-functioning internal think tank. Essential when you need to:

  • Make high-stakes decisions, resolve recurring problems, design effective strategies, evaluate opportunities.

  • Create an environment in which team members interrogate multiple, competing realities.

  • Get the team on board and ready to act.


A powerful, deep-dive conversation used by coaches globally; this model is also effective at getting to the heart of customers’ needs.  Apply this tool to:

  • Surface and address issues critical to the success and happiness of individuals.

  • Increase clarity, improve accountability and provide impetus for action or change.

  • Develop emerging leaders.


Use this innovative approach to ensure that individuals’ development paths are clear and that they are on track to accomplish goals.  Apply this model to:

  • Ensure that individuals know where they have authority to make decisions and act.

  • Provide individuals with a clear upward path of professional development.

  • Create a culture of accountability, so that people take responsibility for their actions.


Enrich relationships while effectively addressing attitudinal, behavioral or performance issues with a colleague, a team or a challenging customer.  Rely on this approach to:

  • Confront tough issues with confidence and skill.

  • Overcome barriers to meaningful conversations.

  • Enrich your most challenging relationships.


A new approach that will transform your feedback sessions into candid, consistent, two-way conversations that spark lasting change.  The Feedback program is the ideal solution when you need to:

  • Create an honest and authentic culture

  • Strengthen and enrich relationships within your team, employees and colleagues

  • Focus on creating a highly functioning team and organization

  • Improve performance through consistent, continual feedback


An approach that moves teams from excuses to action: embracing responsibility, overcoming obstacles and achieving outsize goals. You’ll use the Accountability program whenever you need to:

  • Foster accountability within teams and throughout the organization

  • Uncover the dangers of playing it safe

  • Equip employees to overcome obstacles and embrace responsibility

  • Achieve goals and KPI’s by getting more done, and on time

Interested in having FIERCE Conversations training for you, your team or organization?

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